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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 A May 68 may be, but a May 68 that could go wrong … Under the cobblestones, violence and despair … Is it because we are on March 22? The issue of resemblance May 68 is put in your papers. In some cases it is to say, as Frederic Filloux yesterday in 20 minutes how the situation is different. This is also the case with Erwan Lecoeur, a sociologist who points out in Liberation that young jostle finally myths of 68. "They know that the promises made to their elders were false promises. And they feel France as a country of old, closed and withdrawn. What finally seem normal to 30-40 years, 20 years, they do accept more. For them, the CPE may be only a pretext, as some claim, but it comes at the right, or very bad time. ". Precisely, in the same newspaper, two former May 68, Daniel and Alain BENSAID BROSSAT today varsity teachers, speak to say the contrary, they see in this movement the echoes of past struggles. We can read also, analysis Michel Wieworka in western France that tries to establish a connection with the November riots and sees the current crisis another symptom of the integration crisis in French. The other parallel, it seems to me, with last November, it is the underlying violence and the serious risk of skidding. "It’s increasingly tense in the street" as 20 minutes. Indeed, the climate is apparently beginning to deteriorate along with the mobilization progresses. Schools closed, damage, theft … Clashes between gangs and security forces have multiplied Tuesday on the sidelines of the anti-CPE movement. Some principals, says Liberation fear a scenario "in November." Is there a "strategy of tension"? is the question posed by many politicians. Good reading… ——————————————— – Liberation Guerrilla 22/03/06 Editorial Villepin or the last bulwark of the republic? Why, after two months of protests that never ceases to swell, does not he made? Because it is "absolutely determined to stay the course of the Republic," he repeated yesterday and passed a law should apply. And pan for Chirac, who in late January called for the "elimination" of the article of law on "positive role" of colonialism. And so took the risk, thinking restore harmony, dropping the V! After playing Bonaparte and staying stuck on the bridge of Arcola, Villepin dream now de Gaulle, who, on 30 May 1968 Gaullist France sees her show on the Champs support against the "shambles". He commandeered the Republic and in fact the shield of his egotism rage against the unions he snubbed before the vote of the law and it accuses of not wanting to "dialogue" after. The maneuver is coarse, but Villepin is convinced that bigger is, the more it happens. Read more of the article These exits Matignon rejects unions, parliamentarians and bosses have made numerous suggestions to amend the CPE. Read more of the article "They do what 30-40 years failed" Erwan Lecoeur, a sociologist, said that young people jostle finally myths of 68. Read more of the article in Libourne , high school students enroll their teachers last month, mobilization is not weakening at Max Linder. Between idealism and exasperation. Read more of the article The situation hardens in Seine-Saint-Denis Nine schools closed for security reasons, clashes with security forces the situation is increasingly tense in Seine-Saint-Denis, where 25 of the 64 public high schools of the department were disrupted yesterday by the anti-CPE mobilization. Every day, new municipalities are affected by violence on the sidelines of events that saw the "urban movements", according to a police officer. Read more of the article In Seine-Saint-Denis, the anguish of a violent return Schools closed, damage, theft … Clashes between gangs and security forces have multiplied Tuesday in the department, sidelines of the anti-CPE movement. Some principals fear a scenario "in November." Read more of the article "All personal, do my homework websites
all the teachers, all researchers must listen A strike: Gathered AG Tuesday morning, personal Jussieu debate and decide, in turn, to strike. Read more of the article An elixir of life and vitality fighter Daniel and Alain BENSAID BROSSAT, philosophy teacher at Paris VIII-Saint-Denis. The anti-CPE echo the "March 22 Movement" precursor May 68. […] Today both philosophy teachers at the University of Saint-Denis (Paris VIII), in fight alongside our students, we are "born" in politics but also in philosophy in the climate, there are thirty-eight years (as time goes on …), has given rise to the Nanterre campus the "March 22 movement", which we were to persist and be happy to have been. In recent days, the University of Nanterre is closed in response to a safe closing administrative decision whose symbolic impact will escape no one: the "Sarkozyism" the terminal stage of politics, spares no middle and especially not the university. In spring 1968 it was occupied Nanterre laboratory where body took critical reasons then irrigated, the event "May 68" the last event worthy of the name that gripped French society, by the way, and which produced such trips without which we would long since overcome by fatigue of age, silent and resigned. In the enthusiasm and energy shown by the demonstrations, which for more than a month, raise a brand new situation in France, we spontaneously identify which formed the texture of May 68: a shared joy, accompanied by a constant irony another face of relentless determination. A liberating joy which means, simply, we will not allow ourselves cornered more desperate by the merchants of death who rule our lives. Read more of the article Matthew, 4, saved by the kindergarten He was beaten by his parents. Teachers gave the alert. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 22/03/06 CPE: "We do not have enough dialogued" said Sarkozy relatively quiet so far, the Interior Minister warned the government against any "tension" and recommends " catch up ". In Paris Match, it also raises the possibility of testing the first job contract for six months … Read More Article Students and students still mobilized Tuesday’s demonstrations mobilized thousands of young people throughout France, while that the election Crous crystallize the confrontation between the government and student unions. Read more of the article No Islamic veil in British schools it was defended by the wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, but has not been successful: a young Muslim woman can not wear the "hijab", the dress Islamic school. Read more of the article Fillon reform ahead Gilles de Robien has prepared an initial report yesterday in the National Assembly, the implementation of the Fillon law of orientation for the future of the school. Of all the regulations provided thirty-two have already been published, said the Minister of Education. Including learning a first foreign language in the EC 1, language teaching in small classes terminally, experimentation personalized programs of academic success, career discovery option in the third. The decrees necessary for the implementation of the replacement of short-term absences of teachers were also published. "Even if I could meet some resistance at the beginning, for example the replacement, we managed to raise concerns," he assured. Still lacking the common base of knowledge and new specifications for teacher training: "This will be done by the end of the school year," according to the Minister Read more of the article Better teach the economy is promoting employment by Luc Perinet-Marquet, CEO Burson-Marsteller financial Europe, international group of financial communications. The wave of financial transactions, takeovers, mergers and other tender offer or exchange offer proven (Arcelor / Mittal Steel Suez / Gaz de France / ENEL) or virtual (Danone) are suddenly back the economy in the dining room of the French. Most of the French do not understand the issues, this misunderstanding fuels a sense of fear. […] At a time of globalization, when our economy so badly needs to grow and create jobs, we must answer this real demand and launch a genuine Marshall plan to train a greater number of French mechanisms of economic life and functioning of companies. From high school to senior, all populations are concerned. Our country is full of skills and creative talent to develop and implement such programs. Should there be, as for innovation, a public agency specializing on the subject or leave the social partners, businesses and teachers get together and decide? The debate is open … In 2007, the French will elect their president. It would be good candidates interested in this setting because better trained French will be ready to understand and accept the reforms that the country so badly needs. Better economic culture of French is a key to employment and has so far not been used. At a time of globalization, when our economy so badly needs to grow and create jobs, we must address this real demand and launch a genuine Marshall plan to train a greater number of French mechanisms of economic life and operation of enterprises. From high school to senior, all populations are concerned. Our country is full of skills and creative talent to develop and implement such programs. Should there be, as for innovation, a public agency specializing on the subject or leave the social partners, businesses and teachers get together and decide? The debate is open … […] Read more of the article ——————————— ———- Humanity of 21/03/06 (a day late) de Jussieu "the Sorbonne in exile" in many general assemblies, Parisian students debated yesterday suites give the movement. The Latin Quarter is still under surveillance of the police and gendarmerie. Read more of the article incidents in Seine-Saint-Denis Clashes between young people in the security forces took place yesterday in the vicinity of several high schools in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the movement against the CPE. In the morning, a demonstration was organized by nearly 500 students of Eugene Delacroix High School Drancy, joined by others from the Blanc-Mesnil. On the sidelines of the event, three cars were torched and damaged a bus shelter before the police intervening. The police came under stones and bottles and responded with Flash-Ball attacks, making an arrest. Read more of the article Trade unions call for a day of work stoppages March 28 Students unions, students and workers decided yesterday support for Thursday’s protests and a strike call on Tuesday. Read more of the article Let A crazy week with students and anti-CPE students, who did not return quite to be entered in the movement. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 22/03/06 (paid) high voltage mobilization TRAY is far … So the time is ripe for mobilization among high school students. Already last year, they rose up against the law school of Francois Fillon.Aujourd’hui, the anti-CPE movement swells on their side. According to the Ministry of Education, 57 universities also affected (including 15 blocked), the courses were not held in 191 schools were disrupted yesterday and in 623 others. 18.8% of establishments. There are two days, they were only 7.2% to be on strike. br /> Read more Article Pediatricians do not want to play policemen "IF, AS advocated Inserm, we are asked to report on child health record from 3 years which ones have no remorse or do not change behavior, and that in order to detect future criminals, it means we are asked to play the police, "protested Dr. Pierre Suesser, spokesman collective No driving doctors to zero for children 3 years old, which met yesterday to express concern Read more of the article ——————– —————————- the Cross of 22/03/06 kindergartens in the image of the company a demonstration will be on Wednesday March 22 against a government plan to prevent delinquency. A study by Inserm advocating detect conduct disorders in toddlers creates controversy Read more of the article Ecology is learned family Adopt an environmental compliance attitude may register in an education project Read more of the article ————————————- ———– 20 minutes from 22/03/06 CPE: tension mounts in schools by students blockages, closures on the initiative of principals, filter dams … High schools and faculties the Paris region remained very affected yesterday by the anti-CPE movement. Voices amounted to expose these early closures. "It deprives us of a venue for the fight," said a high school student representative of LDIFs. The CIPF-Paris regretted it, "the forced evacuation of students from Camille See (15th)" yesterday morning, after vandals had damaged the entrance to the property. Read more of the article Villepin adamant CPE youth prepare for battle Students and high school students Wednesday furbished their weapons to succeed the great day of anti-CPE protests Thursday to show the Prime Minister that his firm does not reach their involvement in a fight they know to be long. Read more of the article Arrange for a headache for universities University presidents begin to wonder about the consequences of the movement on the organization of examinations and validation of the year for students. "Nothing is irreversible. In the most affected universities, three or four weeks that were lost on a semester of four months. Read more of the article It’s increasingly tense in the street mobilization is not weakening. Quite the contrary. "We have reached a new stage," even noted a police officer, under increasing damage committed on public roads. Because the climate is apparently there being degraded along mobilization progresses. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 22/03/06 CPE: inflexible Villepin on Tuesday will be difficult Yesterday, the Prime Minister reiterated his desire not to distort the CPE.Les strike calls are multiplying for 28, especially in transport. Read more of the article The third tremor Michel Wieviorka (Sociologist, director of studies at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) At first glance, everything separates the violence October-November 2005, the powerful mobilization row the death of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish abducted, kidnapped and killed by his captors, and rejection of the CPE, on the part of youth, especially student and high school student and trade unions. Yet these huge upheavals are indicative of a single problem: the failure of conventional integration into French. […] The situation is very different from 1968. Our social system integration, political, institutional and policy is on the brink of bankruptcy and, in this context, the government fails in waves of reforms that attempt in vain to accelerate decomposition of an old yet well poorly developed system. At the same time, the CGT, FSU and South are striving to maintain what can be saved. Read more of the article Denis Huisman, the merchant philosopher the pantheon of Senior Year ago Lagarde and Michard, for letters. And Vergez and Huisman, "the" philosophy textbook that defied the laws of the genre. Denis Huisman, teacher as a businessman, unusual character, publishes his memoirs. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 23/03/06 Taking advantage of the mobilization against the CPE, students make their political education they are at the forefront of the mobilization against the first employment contract (CPE). Students gathered in Dijon on 19 and 20 March, on the occasion of national coordination, are willing to go through to obtain the withdrawal of the law on equal opportunities. […] Read more of the article at least 40,000 demonstrators, many high schools high schools blocked the blocking movement has grown, Tuesday, March 21, in France, with hundreds of affected facilities. Thousands of students protested in several cities in a sometimes tense atmosphere, particularly in the Paris suburbs. The main federation of high school students, the LDIFs, said a quarter of the 4,370 high schools in France were blocked by opponents of the First Employment Contract (CPE). Monday night, the Ministry of Education had recorded 313 high schools blocked, or about 7%. According to figures provided by the police, the demonstrations against the CPE have involved 40 000 people in the country, including 5,000 in Paris. In the capital, the organizers put the figure from 10 000 to 15 000 demonstrators. Read more of the article CPE crisis prompts Mr. Sarkozy to prepare its exit It wanted "solidarity but different", as he even says in an interview with the weekly magazine Paris Match to be published on Thursday 23 March. But the displayed solidarity Nicolas Sarkozy on the First Employment Contract (CPE) met Tuesday March 21 its first limits. Read more of the article mentioned in the city’s suburbs are shaking the Republic. With the urban violence of October and November 2005, France has rediscovered the existence of the "margins" of the "peripheries" of what has long refused to call "ghettos". Five months after the outbreak of the "suburban crisis" – 10 000 vehicles burned, hundreds of damaged public buildings, clashes between youth and police – the excitement has settled, allowing for a calmer reflection on failures and successes of the French model. This was the objective of the World debate held Monday, March 20 at the Theatre du Rond-Point in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Read more of the article Lozes Patrick, president of the Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) Do not use the principles of the Republic as a screen for not acting. When I hear of equality, what should we do to achieve it? Social violence discrimination led to the crisis in the suburbs. They lead to urban violence. And these conditions are still present. When we told the citizens that the color of their skin does not count, they are well aware when they go for a job, it’s what’s involved. Read more of the article bariza khiari, PS Senator of Paris there was an attempt for a few days, at the time of the riots, ethnicize the conflict, saying that it was the radical Muslims waving the suburbs. And the paradox was asked imams to restore order in the suburbs. Islam was guilty again. Islam is not because the cities did not move during the cartoons of the Prophet. Because the problem is eminently social with the need for respect and recognition. What we are asking young people is that the Republic does not stop at the edge of the device. We saw some of them say on TV "I am French" by showing the identity card. But "it" is useless. When the interior minister uses words like "Karcher" or "scum", the young people had the feeling of lack of consideration, in addition to what they were in everyday life: the violence of their insecurity. We thought this was precarious at the margin of the system, but it is the heart. We see it with the First Employment Contract (CPE). It’s a question of society. (…) Read the rest of the article ————————————– – Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 22/03/06 "the CPE is a contract distrust vis-a-vis young people" by Alain Etchegoyen, philosopher, former Planning Commissioner Read More Article —– ————————————————– —- the daily Express of 22/03/06 the secret history That was two months ago. Almost an eternity. January 16, Dominique de Villepin announced the creation of the First Employment Contract (CPE). A few days later, he says: "The danger is misunderstanding No hidden defect in what we offer.." The "misunderstanding" was actually the appointment and "vices" did not stay long hidden: March 20, Jacques Chirac asked that the CPE, barely voted by Parliament to be "improved". Tensions between the ministers to the anger of young people, through the quarrel with the social partners, the story of a major political crisis, now in its tenth week Read More Article ——– ————————————————– – selection in the 22/03/06 dispatches a student taken ill died at the Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg one student died of cardiac arrest early Wednesday afternoon at the University Marc- Bloch (UMB humanities) in Strasbourg, do we learned from the management and fire. Read more of the article CPE: Billard (Green) asked high schools in attacks commandos La Verte MP Martine Billard questioned Wednesday "on some masked commando attacks against high school, with the police who not move "and warned the government against a" strategy of tension ". Read more of the article CPE "This becomes dangerous" (Emmanuelli PS) MP and former Minister Henri Emmanuelli (PS) expressed alarm Wednesday "dialogue of the deaf" that installs on the new Employment Contract (CPE) saying that "it (became) dangerous." Read more of the article Preventing crime: the Interior denies the breach of professional secrecy Interior has denied Wednesday any questioning of the confidentiality of child specialists, explaining that the mayor, police and justice were not included in the information exchange system provided by its draft crime prevention. Professional organizations have called for demonstrations Wednesday denouncing the "betrayal" which, according to them, would force the project Minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Read more of the article CPE: strike notice the tributary, the "war of attrition" The looming strike calls are multiplying in view of the anti-contract action day First Job Tuesday March 28 while the dialogue is still not resumed between the government and trade unions engaged in a war of attrition. On Wednesday, two days after the call for a fourth day of protests and strikes in less than two months, call by trade unions, students and high school students, the strike notice accumulated. Strong disturbances are already expected in the transport, including the SNCF and the RATP, where the majority unions call to stop work. In urban transport Province, calls the strike will only be identified nationally as Thursday or Friday. Read more of the article CPE 300 protestors against blocking the University of Tours Some 300 demonstrators, according to police and organizers, marched Wednesday in the quiet Tours to say "no blocking" University , found an AFP correspondent. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more VousNousIls the site (Section education dispatches AFP) AFP dispatches on lesite the Yahoo News website under the house education teachers teaching the essential coffee Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, March 22, 2006